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Designer, inventor, painter, sculptor, artist... Cyril Maccioni is all of that. With a few more, he embodies the new generation of Corsican creators who value ​​the identity of his creations while bringing a contemporary touch to it.

Cyril was just a kid when he discovered a passion for creation. At the time, he imagines, creates, and transforms objects away from their original function to make a unique piece; then moves on to the next. Graduated from the University of Corsica, successively firefighter and professional model, his inspirations feed on his land, Corsica - and his various travels around the world. Over the experiences and encounters he keeps in mind his ultimate dream: devote himself solely to creation.

The dream comes true in 2010 when he begins to develop his own workshop in Vignale, Corsica. There he devotes himself to the creation of unique pieces of furniture, lighting, sculptures and other design objects. In order to do so, he uses and assembles materials that always fascinated him: concrete, wood, steel, glass, plexiglass, fabrics, composite materials ...

Cyril Maccioni creates, designs and produces his own projects from scratch to completion and each of his creations only exists in a single copy.

Self-educated, sensitive and curious, Cyril Maccioni is a free artist who has no limits in his creative process. What started only as a cure to boredom has become over time a true passion.

Creativity, generosity and humility allowed him to become, over just a few years, one of the most talented Corsican designers of his generation.

Another vision of design

Minimalism, authenticity, uniqueness: a vision of design that is both respectful of identity and looks towards the future.

Cyril Maccioni's vision of design is a reflection of his character: pragmatic and diverse, against all that is predefined. In a globalized society where industrial production stands as the norm, Cyril makes it a point to maintain the uniqueness of each of his creations. All creations are available only in a single copy, and are marked with a unique number.

The uniqueness maintains this intimate, privileged relationship with each piece of the collection. The numbering does not only allow to locate the creation over time, but it also reflects the past and future creative directions of the designer. Cyril likes shaking up codes. The ideas he develops go hand in hand with his minimalist philosophy. "For me, design must get right to it. It is this motto that

guides me whatever project I'm working on : a piece of furniture, a lamp or even as an artist for a sculpture. "Two famous names in particular inspire Cyril Maccioni... Two names, two times, but also two visions that speak to him: the eclecticism and expertise of Leonardo da Vinci and the functional mind and refined style of Bauhaus.

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    Sculpture Lione
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    Sculpture Lione
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    Sculpture Lione

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